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Wednesday, February 15, 2006

What is in the Islamic pipeline?

By Poul Højlund, February 11, 2006

It certainly isn’t crude oil all of it.
At the OIC extraordinary meeting in December the issue of international legislation against offences to religions (i.e. Islam, as that is the only religion that can be offended) resulted in a proposal to the UN to ban all insults against religion. Disguised as respect and tolerance it has received the endorsement of Mr. Annan in combination with his still stronger condemnation of the cartoons and the papers that continue to reprint. Beware of the consequences of offending the Muslim masses, he warns.

Last Friday night’s defence for the Prophet in Morocco, the 100.000 protesters peacefully demanding tolerance, certainly must be the very voice of Islam the religion of Peace, yet at the same time they managed univocally to demand that freedom of speech must never be used to insult the Prophet – exactly as proposed by the OIC meeting only to months earlier. What a coincidence, and what brilliant sensitivity for the vox populi from the OIC dictators, simply anticipating at their December gathering what would be the demands of all the protesters and rioters in the streets today.

Of course it’s all a set up. Everything is shrewdly planned, not in detail, but wars are never planned that way, since plans have the bad habit of breaking down with the battle unfolding. Inferior Danish imams travelled the Middle East in January, and got immediate access to the political and religious leaders at senior top executive level. The imams served on a silver plate that most delicious dish of them all: a genuine insult of the Prophet, a picture of the most holy, a taboo broken down for the first time in history - though the Prophet had been pictured again and again in the Islamic culture and though the drawings had all ready been printed in Egypt on October 17. - without any reaction at all.

But the drawings, whom apparently no one doubts is the accurate image of the Prophet and not just some drawings on paper, came from an odd little kingdom in the most northern part of the barbarian world of non-Muslims. So here was the case to restore the ummah as promised in December at the OIC summit. Denmark was an easy target, and it proved to be so, abandoned by our great allies in their condemnation of our bad taste. Our friends were to be found in old soft Europe, not in the land of the free.

Turn on the people, start rioting, burn that 800 years old Dannebrog with it’s white Christian cross against the red cloth, execute those images of prime Anders Fogh Rasmussen, burn down Danish diplomatic representations and embassies. Forget every day’s life in poverty and misery, forget the humiliations imposed on you by your dictators and the laws of Sharia, do not discuss if the cartoon with the bomb had anything to do with today’s reality, but never forget to defend the very Prophet in who’s name laws are created that stop development, prosperity and the liberation of women in the better part of the Islamic world.

Denmark is the victim of a brand new sort of terror, the soft terror, planned by the highest priests but carried out as the will of the Muslim people, - because their pride is hurt. Who’s pride? The intentions are to unfold Islamic laws in European countries through words like respect and tolerance. We take the direct hits, but you will all end up having lost your everyday rights. In Sweden, an internet provider after advice from special police Säpo and officials from Foreign Office closed down a site that dared reprint the cartoons. End of offensive drawings, end of offensive speech, end of offensive writing. It will come to all of us unless we start using that free same speech as our weapon.

Free speech is the most vulnerable plant on our planet. It dies so easily, and it is so hard to make resurrect. When the OIC limitations on free speech have been added to the UN human rights charter, this text can no longer be written or read. No editor will print it; no internet provider will host it. It will be strictly illegal, condemned for offending religious feelings by the same UN that was created to protect the free world and the free speech.

That is what is in the Islamic pipeline. It isn’t oil, and it is rude.



Anonymous Anonymous said...

unfortunately,Muslims all over the western world are getting to their ends: separation of women/men in swimming pools in France, wearing the veil at schools, abstenteism during religious feasts, building mosques, soon they'll demand that weekend changes to include their holy Friday. It's been always like this: they are not "discrete" guests in a country; on the contrary, they always try to impose their rights, culture, religions, believes,etc. Unfortunately, Western people are not good in this game; to serve party's interests, elections campaigns, etc. some (if not lot) supported these muslims requests, thinking they're secondary, and that they'll stop here! but no, these people don't stop here; they always want more (by violence, not by tolerance). If they got all these facilities now, and they are full-part of Europe, what will stop them now? it's again their rights they're claiming for. So now, they fight to gain the respect of their religion, to shut up the Europeans, to kill this freedom value, that most of them took as pretext to leave their countries when they chose to settle in Europe! now what? these values are not anymore good for them! they're keep selecting: we want the west but this or this, and not all as it should be! Western world needs to be more intelligent; don't give up anymore, very soon you'll lose everything and you'll be the guests in your own countries!

17 February, 2006 16:12  
Blogger ph said...

As you hit the very first comment on this brand new blog, I want to thank you for taking the time to read.

Spread the word; we like people, we don't care if they are Muslims or Christians or Jews or Buddhists or nonbelievers or what ever, - as long as they are good people, democrats above all.

But we do not like Islamists, we don't like idelogies and fanatics trying to run our lives for us or any one else.

Run you own life the way you want, and let every one else do the same.

That's the word.

Let's start blogging for that.

17 February, 2006 23:55  
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