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Monday, March 06, 2006

Op Blog: The strategy of our war

By Poul Højlund, March 6, 2006:

Bloggers worldwide have engaged in this battle with an overwhelming eager and with great results so far.

We dug out the information that lifted the debate from the virtuous indignation on bad taste cartoons to the perspective of a shrewdly planned Jihad against Western freedom, first and foremost Free Speech.

But are we preaching among the converts? Are we gaining ground, or will we end up as the intolerant minority of Free Speech extremists, as several mainstreamers already baptized us?

The battle against Islamization has only just begun, and our opening position is not the best.

We have lost ground through several decades as the West allowed The Islamic Brotherhood to march on. We lose every day when UN accepts the violation of Human Rights committed by the Muslim countries, and when the OIC can sign their own Islamic Human Rights without the slightest protest from UN.

We lose when Free Speech is balanced against religious freedom, - even without anyone stating the obvious: that religious freedom also include the right not to have any religion at all, or the right to choose a religion on your own behalf.

We lose whenever Free Speech cannot be mentioned without the little ‘but…’. We lose when we fail to meet our Muslim neighbours world wide with the same demands as we meet our selves. We lose when we mistake Muslims for Islamists, the oppressed for their oppressors.

We lose when we accept the hypocrisy of protesting against depicting Muhammad while the same protesters silence on the massive violations of Human Rights in the name of the same prophet.

It’s so easy to lose this battle, and it will be the last battle lost. There is no turning back to freedom once Islam is installed world wide.

Now they are closing down our blogs, not only in Pakistan but also in Finland and Sweden.

How to win this battle?

First we must face the fact that we already are far behind. We’re defending our remaining strongholds, not against the Islamists but against our own. In the name of tolerance an co-existence our own act as Franco’s fifth column, decomposing our liberty from inside. The first battle to win is that against our own Quislings of religious tolerance and peaceful coexistence.

Why are we left to fight in the blogoshere and not in the mass media? Why haven’t US and UK papers printed and reprinted the cartoons again and again? Why are not they fighting for their Muslim colleagues imprisoned for doing what they didn’t dare: to print and to challenge the Islamists?

The first battleground is the Western mass media. We must conquer that ground by convincing the editors that if they do not fight for free speech, they’ll end up like their Muslim colleagues: either imprisoned or silenced.

The mass media must be forced to draw their own conclusions based on the facts of the Cartoon Jihad.

We must document to them the links between the Islamic Brotherhood and the OIC demand for international legislation against defamation of religion, the links between al Qaida and the nutritional ideology of Islam, the links between Abu Laban, the Islamic Brotherhood, the Global Jihadist Group of 2003 and the Cartoon War, and all the other links in the global Islamic spider’s web.

The first battle to win is that of the Western mass media.

Let’s shell them with facts and patterns, let’s force them to realize that none of this is what it pretends to be, let’s make them face the facts.

Get hold of any journalist or editor that you know. Work with them, help them, feed them with facts. Let’s do this world wide, and some day we will begin to see them changing their course.

Let’s get on with it, and let’s keep our flag flying, - regardless.


Anonymous foreign devil said...

I found Douglas Murray's speech "What Are We To Do About Islam?", given in the Hague last week at the Pim Fortuyn Memorial Dinner, to mesh very nicely with your remarks here. I've a link to it here in case you haven't read it.


07 March, 2006 06:51  
Blogger ph said...

Thank you for the link, - actually I posted on the speech some days ago here, but I didn't read the speech it self.

You may want to check Bruno's article here. I share his opinion on the vast majority of ordinary people in Europe having had it; also his parallel to the beginning og WWII, The Phony War.

07 March, 2006 09:43  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

"Lose", not "loose".
Far be it from me to nitpick on spelling errors, but it was too important an article to be spoilt by a prominent and ugly mistake.

07 March, 2006 18:13  
Blogger ph said...

It's a lost game operating in a non-native language, and to lose is not what I normally choooose!
Thank you indeed, and by all means: keep them coming. I once had a secretary doing the very much appreciated nitpicking. I miss her so much!

07 March, 2006 19:21  
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