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Thursday, February 16, 2006

Democratic Muslims go international

Danish PM Naser Khadar and his new organisation of Democratic Muslims aims high. At an international press conference in the Danish Paliament in Copenhagen today they launched their international ambitions.

- We’re now working to get the network functioning across boarders. Problems with integration and religious differences are not specific Danish. We’ll invite Muslim networks from among others USA, Canada and Australia for our founding assembly, - says Naser Khader according to JyllandsPosten.

The founding assembly, originally planned for April, will now be brought forward, though no date is yet known.

The network was founded only 12 days ago when the network issued the following declaration:

Declaration by the newly founded "Democratic Moslem"-Network, passed on Saturday 4. february 2006, during an assembly held at the Danish parliament, as a response to the drawings of the Prophet Mohammed.

We declare, today, that now is the time for dialogue, rather than
digging trenches. We call on the Moslem countries, the Danish imams and the government to enter into dialogue, to settle this conflict, so that we may again meet on a friendly footing, and ensure that exchange of views and experiences across cultural, religious and geographic boundaries can continue.
As Moslems, we are the proof that Islam and democracy are not incompatible.
It is our hope that our example here in Denmark will make Moslems around the world react and follow our lead. Only by uniting, can we change the fundamentalistic
picture of Islam that the many extremists have drawn with violence.


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