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Thursday, February 16, 2006

False information on Denmark in New York radio and NYT

It’s hard to believe but even in the USA lies start spreading on Denmark. Some professor Mahmood Mamdani at University of Columbia in New York now claims that Moslems in Denmark are not allowed to build their own mosque and that they cannot be buried.
The allegations were not the professor’s own invention; he used a letter to New York Times from correspondent Martin Burcharth of the small leftwing paper Information. Mr. Burcharth now admits that he was wrong but he ‘regrets nothing’ as he claims that his point of view is important to enable the Americans to draw the right conclusions on the cartoons.

Let me, your blogger, add this: The paper Information is at the very centre of the left radicals trying to depict Denmark as a nazi-country, suffering from Islam phobia and denying Moslems there rights.

Truth is that more than a dozen of Moslem religious communities have been officially endorsed in Denmark, and that cemeteries especially in the big cities have departments for Moslems. Truth is also that Moslem communities so far have been unable to agree on a common mosque, resulting in several mosques in all major cities.

German Die Zeit-correspondent Kleine-Brockhoff who on New Yorks National Public Radio debated with professor Mamdini clearly rejected the negative picture of Denmark. He pointed out that the country is known for its well established democracy and the overall respect for human rights.

'In fact it is this respect for people and people with a different thinking that made so many Moslems choose Denmark', the correspondent pointed out to professor Mamdini, who remained silent.

Source: JyllandsPosten today


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