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Thursday, February 16, 2006

Imam group lies on drawings and support

The group of imams from Denmark that caused the cartoon war travelling the Arab countries with a 43 page document deliberately falsified their documentation.
According to an article in JyllandsPosten today the 12 original cartoon was mixed with the now famous French pig festival picture and other pictures in a way deliberately intentioned to bear false evidence. The imams so far claimed that the 12 cartoons were clearly separated from other pictures and material. That claim now proves to be false.

Well known Danish researcher Helle Lykke Nielsen from University of South Denmark had access to the 43 page document and states, that no separation was clear. ‘It’s hard to read the document in a way where the extra pictures were not among the published ones’, she said and added, ‘ Their own pictures undoubtedly has caused parts of the uproar’.

The 43 pages also demonstrates a mess on how many Moslem organisations were behind the action. Danish daily Ekstra Bladet earlier documented that only around 1000 Moslems were behind the imams and not the more than 200.000 that they claimed.

Spokesman for the imams, Mr. Akkari who was sentenced for violence against an 11 years old boy during his training to become a teacher, said: ‘No comments’.


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