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Thursday, February 16, 2006

Islam Online misinforms on Denmark

Islam Online misinforms on Denmark. Nidal Abu Arif, IOL Correspondent in Copenhagen, on February 14, 2006 states, that 'Islam, however, is not recognized by the state unlike Christianity and Judaism.'

Though not wrong as such, it is definately not the true picture. The truth is as follows:

Until 1970 Denmark by royal resolution 'recognized' 11 religious communities, the Mosaic Community the only non Christian. After 1970 no more royal resolutions have been issued due to legislative and administrative changes. Communities are now ‘sanctioned’ instead as an administrative matter.

Sanctioned communities are exempted from tax and other duties. They carry the right to perform weddings with legal status, the right to set up cemeteries and the right to invite spiritual leaders from outside Denmark to work here. The distinction between sanctioned and recognized bears little if any practical consequence.

Among the recognized communities since 1970 are Islam, Hinduism, The Coptic Church, The Mormons and several others.


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