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Monday, February 20, 2006

Islamic republic Iran hangs children

By Poul Højlund, February 20, 2006

The cartoon protesters with all their hurt religious feeling are the worst bunch of hypocrites on this planet. The are offended by some harmless cartoons in a remote Danish paper while they stay silent as the true Islamic republic behaves worse than did the Nazis – all in the name of the prophet.

The more Islamic a country gets, the more death, terror and inhumanity to its people, it seems. Iran, the only true Islamic republic, hangs children on the double for acts strictly protected by the UN human rights charter.

The examples are numerous: 17 year old girl sentenced to death by hanging for defending her self and a niece against rape; 17 year old boy hung together with his 18 year old friend for being gays, three 18-years old boys hung for unspecified charges on insulting the state order, etc.

The list is never ending and it grows every day. Check the documentation here.

At the same time the true Islamic republic recruits suicide bombers to defend the Honour of The Prophet. Take a look here.

The Islamistic states of Iran and Saudi Arabia and others STONE their people here, they CUT heads and limbs of here, they HANG them here - all done in the name of their so beloved and honourable prophet and in accordance with Allahs eternal laws of Sharia.

Until Muslims worldwide start fighting the Iran hangings, the Saudi slaughters, the islamic terrorists of Gaza, the bin Laden supporters and bin Laden himself in the name of their beloved prophet, - until then I shall not for one second call them anything but a bunch of religious hypocrites.

Muslims worldwide must split up in democrats - and the rest. The democrats among you must start to speak out against your own, instead of supporting them against us.


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