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Friday, February 24, 2006

Muslim Youths to Pay "Know-Prophet" Visit to Denmark

"I was greatly encouraged to launch this initiative after 93 per cent of some 80,000 Muslim youths polled opted for a dialogue with the Danish people," said Khaled, according to Sobhy Mujahid, Khaled El-Sioufi from Islamic World Online.

Nice to know that a majority of the youth feels that way. Maybe we're not going to be beheaded after all .. this time. But then I get these spasms from my hypocrisy allergy:

Why not have a conference in Teheran or Cairo to spread the happy message of our beloved democracy (peace be with it), our wonderfull equality between men and women (love be with it), our glorious religious freedom (God be with it) and our free speech (eternity be with it)? I'm sure we could muster 'a host of (..) youths (..) to engage in a constructive dialogue'.

By the way: Khaled was invited by the Danish foreign secretary only yesterday. Are we into something tactical here, or is the purpose simply to spread the happy message of the beloved Prophet himself? Cannot help wondering ...


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