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Tuesday, February 28, 2006

Seeking Censorship in the Name of Dialogue

Great comments from Amir Taheri in Asharq Al-Awsat on February 17. Click headline for his full comment.

Among other things, Mr. Taheri points to the fact that Islam isn't one single religion; he points to at least five major branches and myriads of subbranches.

Makes it even clearer to me why the Cartoon War exploded: it was the chance for Muslims divided to unite in condemnation and outroar. Meets exactly the OIC agenda requirements: to unite Muslims, to restore the Islamic nation and to strengthen the ummah.

"Earlier this month the Malaysian capital Kuala-Lumpur hosted a conference with the title: “Who Speaks For Islam, Who Speaks for the West?”

(...) an exercise in the now fashionable “dialogue of civilisations”.

As things turned out, however, the controversy over the Danish newspaper cartoons (...) produced a set of monologues about imposing limits on freedom of expression.

One speaker, former President Muhammad Khatami of the Islamic Republic, even invited the democratic governments to impose censorship on any material that might offend even a few believers form any faith."


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