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Wednesday, February 22, 2006

Update: Unctuous stuff here: Khaled's message

"We need our Muslim youths to go to the conference in Denmark as ambassadors. This conference must be witnessed by the whole world, and must address several issues.

The first would be informing everyone about our Prophet (SAWS). The slogan of the conference would be "This is our Prophet… This is our religion", and it would be the first issue to be addressed.

The second issue to be addressed should discuss the means and ways of acquaintance and coexistence among nations.

The third issue should discuss the definition of "freedom of speech" as understood by people."

This is from a site in Arabic - parts of it translated - with Amr Khaled, trying to solve the 'issues with Denmark'. Some naive youngsters in Holland find that this is the way to peace and understanding, read here.

If you're into reading through tons of unctuous religious babbling, Khaled's site is the place to go. To me it clearly illustrates the enormous distance between Islam and the modern world.

And by the way, Khaled: Don't bother to send anyone here to explain about your most beloved prophet. We are quite well educated and we do read our - so far - free press.

UPDATE: I've just realised that Danish foreign minister Per Stiig Møller actually invited Khaled to do the conference in Copenhagen this summer. That must be the result of a tactical evaluation, I mean: why else invite this Islam fundamentalist to preach here and to spread the wonderful news of the wonderful prophet.

And what about the friendly invasion of Muslim youth to Denmark? Who asked the Danes? When will we be invited to Mecca to do the same thing?


Blogger (N = 1) said...

Dear Paul,

I realize that being Danish and therefore so close to where all the action is, must have a stressful impact on your life, thoughts and blogs.

However, I do feel that this should not stop me from pointing out several glaring errors in your post:

.The 'youngsters' you are referring to are from Syria, Iran, the Netherlands, Canada and Israel. Not just Holland.

.If you had actually taken the time to read the whole thing, before taking of to hastily write this posting, you would have been able to read that in now way do we endorse Amr Khlaeds views, or present him as the solution to all our problems.

The oly reason Amr Khaled and 40 other Muslim clerics are mentioned, is because of the call for quiet, dialogue and understanding that they have put out. Not for their religious ideas.

Please compare the conciliatory tone and the call for dialogue of that statement, to the frame of mind you demonstrate in your blog: a sneer at people that try to stay calm in the current crisis and ridicule of those who spak out against violence and fear.

You are free to read and write as you please.
However the energy you spend om this posting might have been better used if you would have found the courage and open-mindedness necessary to raise your questions and objections in a comment in our blog. That way, the people that you seem so terrified of, could have actually let you know what it is they think, WITHOUT burning your embassy.

25 February, 2006 15:40  
Blogger (N = 1) said...

Since you obiously did not manage to read all the way to the end of the post, I have copied that paragraph for your reading pleasure.


And I am aware that Amr Khaled, about whom Sara posted the article 'Ambassadors of Islam' on this Blog, is not uniformly supported amongst all Muslims alike, amongst other things because of his stand on women wearing veils or headdresses. Well, should there ever be a debate about these headdresses I would be more than happy to discuss my feelings about that with Mr. Khaled.
However, at this point he counts as one of the few influential Muslims capable of reaching an audience of millions. And he seems to be taking his responsibility, call for calm, dialogue and reconciliation.

end quotation

What is it that you are with your blog contributing to the easing of tension and fear? Ridicule of those who just aren't as terrified as you are.

Good luck hiding under those stairs Paul! We'll let you know when it is safe to come out.

25 February, 2006 16:56  
Blogger ph said...

Dear N=1,- don't know your name!

Sorry for answering so late, but I haven't been online for some days due to other business.

Actually, I'm not hiding. On the contrary I'm out in the open with my full name and when I publish in JyllandsPosten, they even print my address. Couldn't be less hiding, actually.

About the 'youngster', - seems to be my mistake. About the 'naive' part: you have a friend, it seems: the Danish foreign minister! Your own Mr. Bot has taken a more firm stand.

Now, let's get down to business:

It was not a mistake to print the cartoons. It's strictly in line with Danish law and the reactions proved the printing highly efficient as an eye-opener.

Now Amr Khaled is travelling with his religious circus to Denmark, and he's even trying to bring a lot of youth followers to spread the happy message of the great prophet.

If you read my post on "Hypocrisy - or?" here: http://piagratia.blogspot.com/2006/02/hypocrisy-or.html, you may get a better picture of my views.

I don't think that the West should try to calm this down as I don't think Chamberlain should have tried to calm down Mr. Hitler.

And I do belief that my head is calm and cool and my heart warm.

I have in my closest family Muslims who are very dear to me. They cannot speak openly of the faith or the lack of it. Ask your self why so few Muslims have turned atheist, and what has happened to the few that have tried to go public with their critics.

This has nothing to do with the average Muslim, but everything to do with the insane Islamic Jihadists, with the corrupt governments in the Islamic world, and with an enormous amount of hypocrisy involved in this.

Editors are in prison for asking the simple question of which is the most offensive: a few cartoons or live beheading in the name of the Prophet at al Arabia. I'm sure that you consider the last to be the true offensive act.

Then why bend in to this madness? Why calm it down?

27 February, 2006 20:25  

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