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Thursday, February 23, 2006

US law professor threatens Denmark to become a new Rwanda

US Law professor Bernard K. Freamon of Seton Hall University Law School wants prosecution of Danish editor based on Shari'ah, he writes in JURIST on February 19, 2006:

"It is my duty as a Muslim African-American law professor ..."

reads the opening of his comment.

"The Shari'ah demands that we must condemn any statement that vilifies
someone's religion, where the statement is made for no other purpose other than
to vilify, ridicule, or foment hatred.

Muslims are therefore very right to vigorously condemn the publication of
the cartoons and to seek to punish the editors through the criminal law

He then goes on as an expert in the criminal code of Denmark, overruling the official Danish prosecutor and interfering in an ongoing legal process:

"In September, Danish prosecutors, acting on a complaint by Danish Muslim clerics, nonetheless refused to authorize a criminal prosecution of the newspaper editor under section 266b. In my view, this was a patent abuse of their discretion and a blatantly political decision. They ought to revisit it. The issue should be decided by a Danish court."

The professor finally issues the worst threat ever on Denmark: to make Denmark into a new Rwanda.

"Danish prosecutors certainly must know Denmark is becoming a hotbed of skinheadism and anti-Muslim and anti-immigrant violence. Do they want their newspapers to fan these flames?

They should not wait until they have a situation like that in Rwanda before they act."

Is there any other way of reading those few words than: We'll genocide the Danes if they don't comply?

So is this the shari'ah retaliation level for printing a few cartoons?

Thanks to Jihadwatch and Mac for bringing this into the open


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