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Wednesday, March 29, 2006

Blogger's Reading this Morning

Not much happening, which is the good news!

Straw Praises UK Muslims Contributions, Honors Stars CAIRO, March 28, 2006 – British Foreign Secretary Jack Straw praised on Monday, March 27, valuable contributions by British Muslims to society and honored a number of shinning Muslim stars.

Why not the Catholics, why not the French? Because Islam in UK form a parallel society in its own right, apparently praised by all the politicians.

Arab Summit Backs Hamas KHARTOUM, 29 March 2006 — Arab leaders, at an annual summit in Sudan yesterday, promoted an offer of peace with Israel in return for land and criticized threats to cut aid to the Palestinian Authority... Full Story
The summit will discuss and discuss and discuss and finally issue a closing statement as usual.

Arab News printed this Khartoon-cartoon, - by the way, Arab News print some great cartoons everyday, very ironic, very funny!