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Wednesday, March 08, 2006

Charges filed against the Koran in Germany

A German national coalition during the weekend filed charges against the Koran in several of the German Bundesländer, according to JyllandsPosten Monday morning.

Bundesverband der Bürgerbewegungen, Federation of Citizens Movement, working for integration of immigrants, protection of the constitutional rights and a stop for the building of “parallel societies” in Germany, claims that the Koran is irreconcilable with the German constitution, and that the circulation of the book must be stopped.
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Turkish born author, Serap Cileli on January 29. this year said, that “it is irreconcilable with our federation and Human Rights”. Spokeswoman of the movement, Jutta Starke, calls the Koran not only a historical book, but a very "political potent" book.

For readers outside Europe: Germany is a federation of 16 highly autonomous Bundesländer, compatible with the federal system of the US. Germany has since WWII banned all copies of Hitler’s Mein Kampf.

From Wikipedia: 'As of 2004, about 7.5 million foreign citizen residents were living in Germany. By far the largest number came from Turkey, followed by Italy, Greece, Croatia, Bosnia and Herzegovina, and more. Thanks to reform of German nationality law, many of these immigrants are eligible for naturalisation. 9% of the population is not ethnically German.'

Bundesverband der Burgerbewegung estimates on their homepage that the Muslim part of the German population will outnumber the non Muslim German population in 2045.


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