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Wednesday, March 15, 2006

French PMP calls for limitations on free speech in France

«Tout discours, cri, menace, écrit, imprimé, dessin ou affiche outrageant, portant atteinte volontairement aux fondements des religions, est une injure.»

Amendment to the French Constitution proposed to the French Assemblée Nationale by député M. Jean-Marc Roubaud on Feb. 28 2006 banning criticism of religion. Mr. Roubaud specifically refers to the cartoons in his preamble.

I know nothing of Mr. Roubaud, and I need not know more.

You should read the comments on this at DhimmiWatch. I'll quote this from Russel: .. "Does the bill have a chance of succeeding? It's too early to tell...but this bill has been submitted by a member of the large-majority UMP party, the party of Jacques Chirac, France's Dhimmi-in-Chief. This bill is a lot like similar "protection of religion" bills that came up in the UK. " There's a lot more, including an interesting poll on the average French attitude towards the Muslim immigration. Maybe there's still hope.

Tip: DhimmiWatch and David


Blogger Ateist said...

You had me scared for a moment.

M. Roubaud is a Member of the Parliament - not a Prime Minister.

Good thing I was wearing my Depends. ;-)

17 March, 2006 11:42  
Blogger ph said...

Corrected and ammended..

17 March, 2006 12:41  
Blogger ph said...

Amended! Spelling drives me nuts!

17 March, 2006 12:43  
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