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Sunday, March 12, 2006

Hamas draft government programme

It seems that Hamas is not intending to give in in any way. Here is the Draft programme from Hamas, - apparently rejected by Abbas. On the contrary Hamas calls for continued terror. The gentleman on the photo is not with KKK, but with Hamas:

To get Haaretz' view, click here.
From al-Jazeera web: The Draft Hamas programme as published Sunday:

The main points of Hamas's draft government programme posted on its website:

1) Pursuit of the armed struggle [against Israel] until achieving our goals.
2) Israel is an occupying power.
3) The truce is a useful tool [a reference to a freeze on attacks between Palestinians and Israelis in February 2005].
4) The Arab and Islamic world support our strategy in all areas.

The main points of our political programme: Read on, click Continue ..
I. The resistance:
a. The resistance is the legitimate right of the Palestinian people.
b. The resistance is a means but not an end in itself.
c. Israel's intransigence has made all preceding negotiations fail.

II. The Right of Return:
a. Violence and force compelled the Palestinian people to give up their land.
b. The right of return is a principle recognised by all people.
c. The right of return is legitimate and cannot be renounced.
d. The right of return and reparations are a right for all Palestinians.
e. The right of return to homes and lands which Palestinians were forced to leave.
f. The right of return of all Palestinians to liberated territory without having to renounce the land they lost.

III. The truce:
a. The truce is a means to realise our national objectives.
b. The truce does not signify our abandoning the right to resist and respond to [Israeli] violations.
c. The truce is tied to conditions. If they are respected, it will endure.
d. The conditions for pursuing the truce:
1. Halt of all types of attacks against the Palestinianpeople.
2. Free all Palestinian prisoners.

IV. The agreements:
a. Our position concerning previous accords [concluded by the Palestinian Authority] is tied to the interests of the Palestinian people.

V. Recognition of Israel:
a. The question of recognising Israel is not the jurisdiction of one faction, nor the government, but a decision for the Palestinian people.

VI. Political negotiations [with Israel]:
a. The negotiations are a means and not an end.
b. The previous negotiations did not satisfy the minimum demands of the Palestinian people.

VII. International decisions:
a. Numerous decisions concerning the Palestinian question have not advanced the rights of the Palestinian people.
b. The Israeli occupier applies decisions which serve only Israel's interests.



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