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Thursday, March 09, 2006

Here we go again: Muslims offended in Sebta

Sorry, I'll correct the word Muslims to Islamists, - we must distinguish between the two:

Muslims are easily offended. We all know that by now, but is there a pattern in all the hurt feelings?

In Sebta, the Spanish enclave on the Moroccan coastline, local Muslims are trying to start a new cartoon Jihad, this time on a award winning song, alledgedly calling Muslims "animals" and "bastards" and furthermore mocking the call to prayer. The song won the best lyrics honor at a 'recently held' local festival.

Islam Online has more, click headline, - I'm trying to dig out more: when did this happen, what are the exact words of the song, what else is in the story apart from the usual being offended? Can someone do a search in Spanish?


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