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Saturday, March 18, 2006

Is al-Asadi heading for martyrdom?

Al-Asadi, Yemen Observer Editor-in-Chief, presently in Cairo, is in real danger, maybe not so much because of the prosecutors’ claim for his death as for the anger among the mislead Muslims in Yemen.

Al-Asadi plans to go back to Yemen to face his prosecutors on March 22, - his wife and three children still resides there.

Is he heading for martyrdom? He seems to be a devote Muslim, unable to accept the fact that Islamists make that faith a mortal one for believers of free speech.

Don’t go back!

From the interview at AGORA:

“All he wanted to do was to go to Friday Prayers, so he walked towards a Mosque in a part of Sanaa, the capital of Yemen, where he doesn’t usually go:

“When I entered, I bowed my head and listened. The preacher warned against a terrible sinner among us, against one in Yemen who has dishonored our religion and our prophet. He talked of how disgraceful this man was. I realised that I was who he was talking about. I was their sinner.

I dared not lift my head. I covered my head with my scarf and looked down. There and then I realised how bad things are. If the others in the Mosque had recognised me, they would have killed me. With their shoes if they had nothing else to do it with.”

Click headline to read all of it; AGORA made a fine job collecting a lot of relevant links and a chronology at the end of his post


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