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Sunday, March 19, 2006

Is all of Europe really against Denmark?

According to Berlingske, a former conservative, now only political correct paper in Denmark, leading European papers and politicians across the political spectrum, are highly negative towards the Danish government, its prime minister and the official line in the Mohammad affair.

Danish readers may continue
here , but be forewarned: only slightly informative the article is more a disclosure of the opinions of its author, Ole Bang Nielsen, who earlier published articles forcing the office of the prime minister to correct him on its official site (in Danish).

Foreign readers should know that according to the article, the government has fallen victim to Dansk Folkeparti, throughout Europe seen as an radical right wing movement with extreme xenophobic positions.

CBS’ scandalously biased “60 Minutes on Denmark” is part of the evidence held against Denamrk in the article: apparently its author never read the scathing criticism by Danish journalism's anchor: Samuel Rachlin.


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