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Tuesday, March 14, 2006

IslamOnline misleading again?

"Unlike Judaism, Buddhism and some Protestant denominations, Islam is not officially recognized by the state"

Closing sentence in IslamOnline article on Jewish community in Italy, condemning the minister cartoon T-shirt and praised by Italian Muslims.

Now, does this have any practical bearing or is it another IslamOnline almost-true-but-not-at-all-meaningful misguide of their readers? Compare to the mail correspondence, I had with IOL here.

Any Italians to clarify?


Blogger Ateist said...

Why don't you simply point out what the Danish Minister for Ecclesiastical Affairs writes on his official homepage:

"The Ministry of Ecclesiastical Affairs has approved around 100 individual religious communities including Christian, Muslim, Buddhist, Hindu and Old Norse congregations. 19 of these are Muslim congregations."

"In Denmark as a whole there are about 120 mosques or Muslim prayer rooms"

15 March, 2006 12:42  
Blogger ph said...

Thanks. Of course IslamOnline hasn't corrected anything. They know, but they don't want their audience to know.
I'll put a link up front.

15 March, 2006 13:03  

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