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Friday, March 10, 2006

Mail the President of Yemen

To help Yemen Observer's Editor-in-Chief al Alsadi:

Click the headline, this will take you to a letter form for his Excellency, President of Yemen, Ali Abdullah Saleh.

He has a most interesting site, and to my knowledge, he's trying hard to modernise his country and to install a free press as the means of true progress.

I tried to be 'short, sweet and to the point' as an Indian once put it, - if you want to read my letter, click continue.

Your Excellency,

You should know that the trial of Editor-in-Chief al-Alsadi is monitored with the greatest concern in many countries.

Personally I find it hard to belive that your legal system allows Shaykh Abd-al-Majid AL-ZINDANI to appear in court as a prosecutor, as he is on the US list as a Specially Designated Global Terrorist.

I know that Your Excellency is striving to protect free speech in Yemen. Please, let not al-Asadi fall victim to the past.

What Yemen needs the most seems to me to be progress, prosperity, education, equal rights and as the founding stone of it all: free speech and a free press.

I know your Excellency works hard to achieve these goals; I wish you all good luck.

Yours sincerely
Poul Højlund, Denmark


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