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Thursday, March 23, 2006

March for Free Expression, - now without Free Expression

In order to have a walk-along-and-sing-a-song-of-freedom with the Muslim's in London, this march for Freedom of Expression decided that Danish cartoons were not invited!

At first, cartoons specifically were welcomed ... , but later it became Freedom of Expression, now with Muslims consequently without Cartoons!

How you support Freedom of Expression without Freedom of Expression must be something very British.

Anyhow, the poster is great and much nicer than the other one, you know which.

The Religious Policeman
commented on the march with one of these fantastic cartoons of Jesus and Mo, that apparently is not invited for the happy event.

Click headline to learn more of the Freedom of Expression without Freedom of Expression debate.


Anonymous Anonymous said...

They say the cartoons will be displayed at the subsequent conference. I suppose for safety reasons this is not that stupid.

24 March, 2006 09:54  
Blogger ph said...

No, I agree. But why march togeteher with people not accepting the right of the cartoons to exist under the banner of Free Expression? That's what puzzles me.

24 March, 2006 10:20  
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