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Tuesday, March 28, 2006

Monday Late Update

In Denmark, Abu Laban and Ahmed Akkari were interviewed by the Copenhagen Police today, resulting in no charges.

Free to go, free to continue their conspiring against the country that took them in. Politicians agree that Denmark cannot expel them due to signing some UN treaty which for example France and UK haven’t signed. Well then, change the law, withdraw the signature, do something, anything. We cannot continue this way.

In Afghanistan, Abdul Rahman is freed and seeking asylum as a refugee with the help of UN, AP reported from Kabul. HT Michelle Malkin.

Great. Good for Mr. Rahman, and indeed an eye opener to that part of the free world that has not yet realized the true nature of hardcore Islam. Leaving Islam or criticizing Islam is heresy, and heresy is mortal.

In Belgium an Aramaic priest stands trial for stating that truly Islamized Muslim children constitute a time bomb for Europe. Look further down the blog to get the details.

In Sweden the new foreign minister Jan Eliasson today succeeded the unpopular Laila Freivalds, maybe best known for spending her evening in the theatre with her family while the Tsunami killed several hundreds of Swedes. Her departure came as she had to admit knowledge of the close down of the internet site run by Sverigedemokraterne after they planned to publish some well known cartoons.

Jan Eliasson is an UN diplomat, presently and until September chairing the General Assembly.