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Friday, March 24, 2006

Morning News and Smalltalk: Merci, France Deux

Boycott to continue
The boycott against Denmark continues, was the result of the dialogue meeting in Bahrein, according to Danish Radio. One of the Danish imams, Abdul Wahid Petersen, [Sir-name original, ergo a convertit at no risk] stated that despite having done their best, they didn't succeed.

Having witnessed the standards of fellow travelling imam, Ahmed Akkari, one is allowed to question the value of Mr. Petersen's assertion.

Sue the boycotters
From the silent side of the table, some of the heavy boys in Danish economic life, Ernst Lunding from Leo Pharma, Kurt L. Larsen from DSV and Asger Aamund from Bavarian Nordic and Neurosearch now start speaking, suggestsing the boycotting countries to pay damages according to WTO regulations, and asking some sammenhold from several of their Danish colleagues (ARLA, Grundfoss!).

Great idea; it's time to start hitting back and Saudi Arabia, joining WTO only last year, should indeed learn to play by the rules. But will WTO dare to challenge the oil-producer?

Merci, France Deux!
Last night, Danish TV2 aired the French documentary on the Danish imam-gang. A horrifying insight into the bunker of the enymy, issuing mortal threats case the journalist didn't paint the wanted idealization of Islam and the imams; connecting to well known terror instigators globally, working in accordance with their schedule to undermine the West using Denmark as the lame duck to practise on.

Well done indeed, France Deux! We learn that the Arab-speaking French Algerian-born journalist lives under cover even in France! Europe is increasingly starting to look like Europe during the Nazi-occupation.