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Thursday, March 16, 2006

Muslims feel deluded by Danish prime

Danish Muslims unwilling to accept ruling from Crown's Prosecutor

According to JyllandsPosten, the original plaintiffs plan to take the cartoon matter to the European Court of Human Rights.

The tone of spoiled children is indeed remarkable, as the plaintiffs struggle to take in the ruling against their case. Clearly they do not understand the nature of the independency of the Crown’s Prosecutor as they emphasize their expectations of the prime.

Translated from JyllandsPosten today:
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“We expect this to be the next step, since this will signal to Denmark and the international world that the legal path is the correct one. Defamation of people must be taken seriously, and we were constantly told by the prime, that we simply could go to the courts”, says Asmaa Abdol-Hamid, member of the “Enhedslisten” in Odense and among the first to file complaints on the cartoons. [“Enhedslisten” is a far left coalition of communists, socialists and radical green’ists]

In Denmark violations of the penal code are reported to the police. Subsequently the Public Prosecutors – finally the Crown’s Prosecutor – determines whether to take legal action.
Asmaa Abdol-Hamid rejects hair-splitting: “We fully understand the Danish legal system, but we expect the prime’s words to be serious and credible, and I fear that the decision from the Crown’s prosecutor will keep the conflict alive”, she says.


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