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Sunday, March 05, 2006

New Cartoon War?

Arab ambassadors protesting on Czech documentary using hidden camera in mosques linking Islam to terrorism.

Last fall CTV aired a documentary I, Muslim with a reporter talking to various Muslims in Czech mosques on topics like Islam in Europe, terrorism and the role of women. The reporter pretended to be interested in converting to Islam.

"I wanted to get real opinions of the local Muslim community on the issue to find out what the differences are between Czech and foreign Islam," says Ovečka

Ovecka apparently had some very interesting conversations with Muslim viewpoints that are not normally revealed by European Muslims.

The real interesting thing, however, is the parallel to the cartoon war: the ambassadors protesting months after the documentary was aired, trying to interfere in internal Czech affairs.

From the The Praque Post, Brandon Swanson, who had the story March 01, 2006:

"Jiři­ Ovečka stands by his choice to use the secretly filmed footage.

A Czech Television (ČTV) documentary is threatening to raise tensions within the country's Muslim population to a level not seen here during weeks of recent global unrest over the publication of cartoons depicting the Prophet Muhammad. "

Click the headline for The Praque Post article. - DhimmiWatch found it


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