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Wednesday, March 22, 2006

Op-Blog: Unlimited Hypocrisy Across the World

By Poul Højlund, March 22, 2006:

Let’s try a brief second of pure madness:

Suppose a Danish citizen converted to Islam and then got arrested and indicted, the prosecutor claiming his death for abandoning Christianity? ?? ??

The mere thought is unthinkable. So no reason to imagine the highly justified uproar from across the world, the condemnations from The White House, UN, EU, UNHRC, OIC, UK, Egypt, Libya, Iran, etc. etc.

The organisations and countries mentioned are not chosen by accident: they are all silent on the madness taking place in Afghanistan at the very moment. An Afghan converted to Christianity is now facing death, and absolutely no comments from The White House, UN, EU, UNHRC, OIC, UK, Egypt, Libya, Iran, etc. etc.

The White House, UN, EU, UNHRC, OIC, UK, Egypt, Libya, Iran, etc. etc. were eager condemning the cartoons and hesitant to support free speech. Some European governments now started to move in support of the Afghan Christian.

But The White House, UN, EU, UNHRC, OIC, UK, Egypt, Libya, Iran, etc. etc haven’t done anything. They are all silent on this the most infamous violation of the fundamental right of mankind: the right to live.

Where is the religious freedom which for the last half year has been quoted again and again - without stating the obvious, that freedom of faith is protecting the individual, not the faith.

Where are all the organisations and countries, condemning Denmark as a country of racism and xenophobia, of violating human rights when it comes to this fundamental violation, this fundamental racism, this fundamental anxiety of everything non Islamic?

Where is UN? Where is Doudou Diéne? Where is Louise Arbour? Where is Kofi Annan?

Too busy with the cartoon war, I presume, - too busy protecting the fascist system of intolerance and supremacy that now threatens the most humble and the most basic right of mankind: the right to live.


Anonymous Miep said...

To Poul Højlund: very well said!!!

22 March, 2006 22:29  
Anonymous Wendy said...

The White House is expressing its concern over this issue. Here is a link of an AP report via Yahoo ...

23 March, 2006 05:45  
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