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Tuesday, March 14, 2006

Operation in Jericho to Arrest the Murderers of Israeli Minister

Here is the background for the Palestinian unrest:

From IDF News, Tuesday 14/03/2006 12:33:

"In accordance with a decision of the political echelon, and following the violation of agreements by the Palestinian Authority, IDF forces have been operating in Jericho as of this morning to arrest the murderers of Israeli minister Rehavam Zeevi and other senior terrorists.
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The international inspectors at the prison had left the city as a result of these violations. The inspectors had been supervising the implementation of the agreements made between Israel and Palestinian Authority regarding the imprisonment of the terrorists.

Israel had maintained its commitment to the agreements reached with the Palestinian Authority and decided to take action only when the Palestinian Authority violated its side of the agreement. The terrorists were no longer under the supervision of the American and British inspectors as specified in the agreements.

The IDF, instructed by the political echelon, will act with all means necessary in order to prevent the release of the murderers of Rehavam Zeevi."


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