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Monday, March 06, 2006

Pakistan blocks blogs

According to BBC and Jihad Watch Pakistan forced internet providers to shut down several blogs on the ground of offending the prophet.

As some of the blogs were harboured on blogspot.com, authorities closed down the whole site, thus blocking all blogs regardless of content.

The order to block was issued February 27.

The BBC article mentions without details that "Pakistan, meanwhile, is seeking an internationally applicable law against blasphemy."

To readers of this blog the attempt will not come as a surprise. It's part of the OIC plan for defending the prophet and protecting Islam against all criticism, for details check "What's in the Islamic Pipeline", February 15.

They can't get Osama, but they sure as Hell can get the bloggers. Tell me who offended the Prophet? Or is it that we now know what offends the guy and what doesn't? Beheading, okay! Depicting, no way!


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