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Monday, March 06, 2006

Pictures you don't want to see

Pictures and text from FaithFreedom, click continue to see them, click the headline to see all. Do not click if you don't want to see another face of Islam as portrayed at FaithFreedom's gallery.

Why show these cruel pictures? FaithFreedom argues convincingly that at the very core of the religion of peace you'll find punishment, hate, violence, dead. When you stay within the boundaries of the Shariah, you'll see the religion of peace, - when you brake the eternal laws, you'll face the most violent punishment and hate to a degree you cannot imagine.

When Islamists threaten the infidels with violence, beheading and holocaust, you better believe them.

A Hindu being beaten by Muslims in a mosque in Bangladesh. He was captured outside the mosque while going home. After Friday prayers were over, the Muslims came out and grabbed the first Hindu they could. Mr. Vimal Patak a Bangladeshi born Hindu was beaten to death with sticks as the Muslim mullahs (priests) chanted "kill the Kafir!" (non-Muslim). With folded hands he begged for his life and died a brutal death.

Another young Iranian victim of Islam. PayAm Amini, was hanged in public on Sunday Sep. 29, 2002. He screamed: "..we didn't kill anyone, we don't deserve to die. So many terrible crimes are committed in this country every day and yet no one is punished for it.."

Palestinian crowd waves entrails of butchered Israeli victims. in Ramala. The expression on their faces show they are orgasmic. This level of hate is only possible in Islam

Muslims protesting the cartoons. From London. When Muslims threaten, take it seriously.

Preparing for a stoning for violating the laws of Shariah



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