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Wednesday, March 22, 2006

Politicians across Europe finally face the reality of Islam

From the reactions all across Europe it seems that the reality of Islam finally hit the politicians. The reactions came after the story of Afghan Rahman's case broke woldwide.

Some of us have always known that the only reason for the Islamic dictatorship to continue was its base of violence and death. The politicians never took it seriously despite the overwhelming evidence and the continued statements from Islamist even in Europe.

Did our politicians realy think that the Muslims in this world were so stupid that they voluntarily and by their own choice stayed within this framework of hate and death?

Chicago Tribune has an in-depth coverage of the case, which leaves very little hope for the Christian Afghan. Click headline to get the full story:

Judge Ansarullah Mawlawizada, who is handling the case, said he normally takes two months to decide on cases. But because this case is so serious, he expected to hold another hearing within the next week and make a decision.

Mawlawizada, who kept Rahman's green Bible on his desk, said he respected all religions. He emphasized that he did not favor the aggressiveness of the Taliban, who cut the hands and feet off criminals in a soccer stadium. But he said Rahman had to repent.

"If he doesn't regret his conversion, the punishment will be enforced on him," the judge said. "And the punishment is death."


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