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Thursday, March 23, 2006

Prosecution Demand Al-Asadi be Banned from Journalism

From Yemen Observer by Zaid Al-Alaya'a, March 22, 2006 -

"Mohammed Al-Asadi (center) listens to the judge Sahl Hamza during Wednesday March 22 session. YO Photo/ M. SharabiSANA'A - Prosecution lawyers demanded on Wednesday that Mohammed Al-Asadi, the Editor-in-Chief of the Yemen Observer, be banned forever for writing for a newspaper.

The trial of Al-Asadi, which took place in the General South-West Court in Sana'a, was adjourned for a month, until April 19.

Al-Asadi, who denies all charges, is accused in connection with allegations of republishing insulting cartoons first printed in Denmark of the Prophet Mohammed (PBUH). He is charged under a press law that bans publication of anything that "prejudices the Islamic faith"."

Good news that the prosecutors no longer claim capital punishment, - still too bad al-Asadi is on trial at all. Click headline to get the full story in Yemen Observer.


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