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Sunday, March 19, 2006

Ramadan in action: "I won’t talk to this commoner!"

The Arogant Man: Ramadan goes bananas.

AGORA translated a German interview with Tariq Ramadan, the Swiss Islamist scholar, so entrusted by the EU establishment.

If this is bulletproof, it takes apart the whole EU / British dhimmi with Ramadan in the centre. Ramadan for years worked as the EU expert in Islam, recognised as a scholar trying to build a European Islam.

I dropped Ramadan some years ago having read his book on Euroislam. It's the same old rubbish as always.

He is denied entrance in US. It caused great disturbance at the university where he was invited to lecture. They even sat up support committees. My foot!

Sorg: How are you an Islamist? You talk about universal human rights. That is a Western concept, an idea from the European Enlightenment.

(Quietly, sharply) Totally untrue. Who told you this?

Sorg: So all the books say. Enlightenment is a European post-religious project.

Untrue. Al-Farabi talked of universal rights. Do you know of Al-Farabi?

Sorg: Who?

14th century. You are displaying your ignorance. This is Double Talk (Editor: Al-Farabi was born in the 9th century)

Sorg: In many Moslem countries you would be killed if you talked of universal rights.

I have not been killed in Moslem countries. Who told you this?

So it says every day in the newspapers. In Saudi Arabia you can be executed for the mere possesion of a bible.

Links and editor's comments by AGORA. Read on ..

Great job, AGORA, allow me to link! And dear readers: go, go, go. Click headline.


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