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Monday, March 13, 2006

Swedish Myrdal goes Quisling in Hizbollah Interview

Al Intiqad, official paper from Hizbollah, interviewed Swedish Jan Myrdal. I found the interview on Arab-European Leaque's site, - I'll get back to them later!

Jan Myrdal, son of Gunnar and Alva Myrdal, leftists architects of the Swedish system, is a known defender of totalitarian states. In this interview he goes all the way, defending terror and calling Islamic organisations for resistance figthers.

Myrdal knows quite a lot, and hasn't understood one single bit. I've picked a few quotes, - they are indeed representative. Go on, get the leftist point of view, click the headline.

"Today in many countries of the world - especially in Asia - Moslem or Islamic ideology has become a driving force in the popular resistance against oppression. The situation and thus the ideologies were different for the patriots of Europe or China during the second World War. But then as now: To revolt against oppression is just.I believe that you will ultimately prove successful. Imperialism will in the long run not be able to sustain itself. It conducts its wars on borrowed money. In the long run theirs is a no-win situation. Though the run can be long!"

"What will happen in Iraq? It depends partly on how great the losses - in men and dollars - for the United States will be. You could say that every dead GI increases the possibility of a retreat. But first they will try to get their willing allies do the dirty work (see Afghanistan). At the same time the United States will try to Balkanize, incite one group against another; if they can achieve a civil war between different groups among the people of Iraq, then the US could continue making profits and their troops could stay in their cantonments for a long time to come."


Blogger awake said...

This is just so typical for my country, Sweden. Every person making official statements abroad are one of two types. Either ultra-left half-communists, or spineless cowards. I'm ashamed to be in the same boat as these self-hating imbeciles destroying our country. Go Denmark!

14 March, 2006 01:05  
Blogger ph said...

Don't you have a Holger Danske in Sweden?
No, honestly, it's time you start doing something in good old Svealand. Else you'll end up with facist lunatics, and that will only confirm the political correctnes of the establishment.

Shortly after April 9, 1940, when Denmark gave up to the Germans after only a few hours of fighting, a sports reporter somewhere in US coined the phrase on a boxer taking a quick knock out: "He fell like a Dane".

We have finally started getting up again.

14 March, 2006 15:20  

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