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Wednesday, March 08, 2006

UPDATE: Cencorship in Denmark by state company

UPDATE: Party leaders across have condemned Banestyrelsen, and the Minister for Transport and Energy, Mr. Flemming Hansen, who is the governmental responsible for Banestyrelsen stated, that the decission to ban the add was a "mistake" which would be corrected right away.

State owned Danish railway track company Banestyrelsen, in charge of operating all Danish railway tracks and stations, banned an add for a book called: What is Islam from the largest station Nørreport in Copenhagen today, according to Danish Radio.

The book, on its third reprint, was written by the director of the Danish Institute in Damascus, Islam expert dr. phil. Jørgen Bæk Simonsen, former employee of the Carsten Niebuhr Institute and known for his soft approach towards Islam. The book cover had no pictures, just the title on a neutral background. The ban was substantiated with 'not wanting to add to the disturbance' and 'not using public buildings for a political or religious debate' .

More to follow as the politicians wake up, - hopefully!


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