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Saturday, March 04, 2006

UPDATE: False story on cartoonist's daughter

UPDATE: A messy story. Jens Rohde is backing out and excusing, trying to make the wole thing go away. I've given up on finding out what is facts and what not. AGORA has a long story here trying to find some firm ground.

My conclusion is still the same: Do not misuse the public sentiment by spreading rumors. But of course he'll stay as political spokesman, - there is probably a lot more in this case than even AGORA can dig out.

The "12 muslim men seeking out a daugther of one of the cartoonists" has shown to be false. Jens Rohde, political spokesman from Venstre apparently misused a confidential briefing with the cartoonists and furthermore wildly exaggerated a story of girls mocking in the schoolyard.

Jens Rohde is being heavily punished in Danish media today following a harsh critic from the cartoonists' organisation.

The cartoonists all ready received some 150 death threats registered by the police that have brought charges against 10 persons so far, according to inspector Bjarne Laursen, Århus Police. It is uncertain wheater the number includes threats from abroad.

Jens Rohde must go following this misuse of the public's sentiments. We cannot accept this gossip like level of information from the political spokesman from the party in government, Venstre. Let's see what happens, I'll follow up.


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