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Wednesday, March 01, 2006

Update: Garfield converted - and more fun

A good laugh for grave times: cartoons seem to do the trick - at least in some parts of the world. Click this link for the most absurd story and an evaluation of Amr Moussa's sense of humour.

The whole Cartoon Jihad explained in 30 secs in this wonderful film.

Iranian professor explains the Jewish cruelty of Tom and Jerry live on TV here (subtexts in English)

US Cartoons of 'sammenhold' here

Thanks to KepiBlanc for adding this link.

Still: Help me update this post with more of the wonderfull Islamic humour.

Some years ago JyllandsPosten at the last page called for examples of Sweedish humour. They ended up printing some official speach by the then Sweedish prime. Some people in our beloved brothernation didn't find it the least bit funny.


Blogger kepiblanc said...

More cartoons here :

02 March, 2006 14:19  

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