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Monday, March 06, 2006

Why leaving Islam is not an option

Rajesh put this op-ed on FaithFreedom. I've cut a few pieces - click continue .. to get all the pieces, but click the headline to enjoy this vintage bottling. And while you're there take the opportunity to get some real insight in the religion of Peace....

"If a few mild cartoons can make Muslims so angry, Sina's web-site deserves an atom bomb. But why is the Muslim world so uncharacteristically silent? Faithfreedom.org is read by more people than those cartoons were originally seen in Denmark. (...)

But you can rest assured; no Muslim will ever publicly voice his dissent regarding Ali Sina. No mullah will ever declare in his Friday sermon - Ali Sina is devil incarnate.
Ali Sina is an apostate, an ex-Muslim. It is preferable to deny the existence of such breed. If his existence was made public or his web-site denounced openly in the Muslim world, the entire Muslim world stands to collapse almost instantaneously.

For the average 'faithful' Muslim, the option of leaving Islam never enters his or her head. Popularising Ali Sina, even through assassination, will do just that. It will make Muslims notice that people are leaving Islam and some of them may read the site and start thinking. This is a risk no mullah can afford to take.

For the first time in the bloody 1400 years history of Islam, the hooliganism, the shameless taqia has found its match. www.faithfreedom.org is the Achilles heel of Islam. No Muslim will ever expose this Achilles heel to anyone - Muslim or non-Muslim.

Uncle Sam - this multi-trillion dollar war against the hydra headed evil monster called Islam can be won with this ubiquitous web-site. Just popularise it."


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