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Saturday, April 01, 2006

Blogger's Reading this Morning

Hamas defends bombing that killed 4 IsraelisGAZA,(Reuters) - The Islamist group Hamas defended on Friday a suicide bombing that killed four Israelis as "resistance" against Israeli "crimes", putting it at odds with Palestinian President Mahmoud Abbas, who condemned the attack. Hours after the ... more

There is No Civil War in Iraq: Here is Why : Amir Taheri Is Iraq in a state of civil war? My notes show that, since the fall of Saddam ... more

First Light at the End of the Tunnel : Dr. Bouthaina Shaaban After a ban of three years, Helen Thomas, the American journalist of Arab origin, ... more This is exactly the opposite of the well reflected views above, dealing with the not muched talked about study linking US foreign policy to Israel and the ...JEWS...! Not amazing though that even a brilliantly educated Syrian minister hold these views og badly disguised anti-semitism.

Back from Denmark: Ask IOL by IOL Staff Members Marwa Elnaggar and Arwa Mahmoud
"They were subjected to physical abuse in the streets, even though some of them were not wearing the hijab. Some were actually beaten and others had their hijabs pulled from their heads. " ... Go on! Read IslamOnline's stories from fairy tale country ...

Israel Lobby" Essay Creates Firestorm in US "Firestorm" .., well ..

First Hijab-clad Presenter on Danish TV Asmaa is a member of the ultra left party of communists, socialists, green'ists etc. She also helped instigate the whole cartoon business. And of course her left radical friends at the DR 2 had to hire her .. By the way: Asmaa several times refused to shake hands with people, - not only men but also women since they were all infidels!

Today the cartoon is the better part from Arab News, though they of course as always cover in depth and with balanced views on a lot of topics. But cartoons sometimes express all of it, as we all should know by now.