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Sunday, April 02, 2006

Danish MP Naser Khader declares war on Islamism

Sunday morning, all papers and media:

Naser Khader of Democratic Muslims yesterday declared war on Islamism in Denmark, defining his goal: to become minister of integration.

Quote from Berlingske: “Because I’m their worst nightmare.” Because I understand what they say, because I know their ideology and their agenda.”

Quote from JyllandsPosten: “We are up against a strong conservative, antidemocratic force, that have launched a massive campaign against us.”

Naser Khader and his Democratic Muslims have received a massive number of death threats, individuals have been physically attacked by Danish Islamists and in general the Muslim societies in Denmark are hesitating to back them up, accusing Naser Khader of splitting the Muslims.

Naser Khader belongs to the opposition party De Radikale, which is a social-liberal party, traditionally known to be very friendly towards immigration. The normally define their worst enemy to be DDP, Danish Peoples Party. Naser Khader stated that DDP is “water compared to the Islamists”.

Naser Khader is extremely popular across politcal parties in Denmark.


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