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Tuesday, March 07, 2006

Cartoon War and Rushdie Case: Same Pattern

The Satanic Precedent of the Mohammad Cartoons, an article by Helle Merete Brix in Weekendavisen, a Danish weekly, points to the common patterns of the Cartoon War and the Rushdie Case.

AGORA has it, translated for the Free Press Society 2004 / Sappho.

If you'd care to read "The Project" which is an article on the script for the Islamic move for supremacy from 1982, you'll start to see what we are up against.

The interesting thing, however, is the multitude of the agendas involved in the Cartoon War:

  • The Islamic Brotherhood, their long term strategy and their interrelations with al Qaeda; note the latest threats from al-Zahwrahi and his connections to Danish imam Abu Laban
  • The secular regimes of the majority of the Muslim countries trying to outbalance the Islamists by fighting the Cartoon War to a certain degree - this explaines why Abu Laban, persona non grata in Egypt suddenly gained access to high level politicians in that same country;
  • Arafats people trying to demonstrate that Hamas is not in total control yet;
  • OIC trying to meet their agenda of strengthening the ummah and the Islam Nation by their claim on a ban of defamation of religion, i.e. Islam;
  • The hardliners among the Western Muslims trying to gain control over both their softer co-emmigrants and the countries, they live in;
  • ... and several more agendas for which the cartoons were Gefundenes Fressen
The odd thing is that these patterns haven't become clear to the Western media yet, and that we see high leveled politicians on the wrongs side.


Anonymous Anonymous said...

Have you seen this?:


08 March, 2006 00:34  
Blogger ph said...

Really interesting and more the way, we normally see this country. Thanks for the tip. Other readers: please do check Sugiero's link.

08 March, 2006 00:50  
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