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Sunday, March 19, 2006

Dull Sunday in the Arab papers

Asharq Al-Awsat: "A two-day conference titled "Constructive Religious Dialogue - Framework for World Order" was opened today in Isfahan, central Iran" . Read on.

Mshari Al-Zaydi has a very interesting article in Al-Awsat on The Courageous Jurist, dealing with Sheikh Gamal Al Banna, the brother of Sheikh Hassan Al Banna who founded the Muslim Brotherhood. Seems that the two brothers didn't agree on how to read the Koran. Read on.

IslamOnline backs their usual agenda with this article on French Muslims Back UMP Anti-Blasphemy Motion. The motion made it's way to PIA CAUSA here. To read more of the courageous French Muslims seeking to limit the freedom in the country that harbours them, read on.

From Yemen Observer the good news on support for al-Asadi: International Press Organization Condemns Al-Asadi Trial. They've written a letter to the president; may I remind you of the option to do the same here.


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