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Saturday, February 18, 2006

A boy fighting for his family

Just heard on Danish radio an interview with 15-year old soft spoken Ahmed, born in Lebanon, at the age of six escaping from the civil war to Denmark.

With his family he settled in the northern part of Jutland, the part of Denmark where I come from too. The boy grew up, got friends, went to school, went fishing like any other boy, learned to master Danish in the special northern dialect which to me is so familiar.

Disaster stroke the family as the father against strong family protests decided to re-immigrate back to Lebanon. Ahmed repeatedly told his father that the family’s residence permit would be rewoked if they left Denmark.

Ahmed hated his father for forcing the family back to the tortured Lebanon. He dreamt of Denmark and his friends here, absolutely sure that the moment he put foot on Danish soil again, all problems would disappear up in the thin air. They didn’t.

On their return to Denmark after a couple of years in Lebanon, they had to start all over again. They were forced into a refugee centre, couldn’t join regular school, and got denied renewing the residence permit because they’ve been back to the country form which they originally escaped.

They got an official no six times. The date for their expulsion was set when Ahmed decided to go underground with his little sister in order to stay in Denmark.

The father suffered a mental brake down before the expulsion, and as Denmark doesn’t expel people with mental brake downs, they finally got their permit and the chance to start all over again.

I was touched. A boy was hurt. A family had suffered. The interview was taped in 1991, - but the voice was the same as the grown up Ahmed. Yes, it’s the Ahmed Akkari, now well known imam, who travelled the Middle East to raise storm against Denmark.

Why did it have to end up like this? Why did the grown up Ahmed become the black knight of the Prophet instead of the soft boy fighting for his family’s right to stay in the newand free country that he wanted so much?

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Egypt started campaign against Denmark

Foto: AP
Official Egypt government papers prove that the Egypt government was the instigator of the campaign against Denmark, according to Danish newspaper Politiken.

A group of 11 ambassadors to Denmark from Islam countries originally demanded a meeting with Danish prime minister Anders Fogh Rasmussen beginning of October 2005 seeking his condemnation of the cartoons printed in JyllandsPosten in September.

As he refused the meeting, claiming that the letter from the ambassadors contained completely unacceptable demands, the Egypt government intervened and summoned the Danish ambassador in Cairo for a meeting only four days after the Danish prime’s rejection.

At the meeting, the Egypt government demanded that the Danish government officially condemned the drawings, for example by issuing a statement condemning all defamation of Islam and the Prophet. The Egypt government also took contact to OIC, EU and UN to rally up support for their campaign against Denmark.

According to the Egypt government papers, the government later helped the imam group copy and distribute their material on the cartoons to the OIC countries, including falsified drawings never published in Denmark and other anti Danish writings.

“Foreign Office already informed Egypt papers and magazines on the anti-Islam campaign in both Denmark and some western European countries”, reads the official Egypt statement on the matter.

Links in Danish: www.politiken.dk
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Egypt judges' Immunity lifted

Egypt judges' Immunity lifted Over Confronting Government For Independence

Freedom for Egyptians has the story, translated from Arab. It's about the Muslim Brotherhood not being the true opposition, -only trying to build that image, supported by western MSM (Main Stream Media).

Highly recommended.
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Friday, February 17, 2006

No offence taken

A minor group of madmen burned crosses in Teheran this afternoon. I hope they didn't get injured by the flames.

Foto: AP/Hasan Sarbakhshian
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Hypocrisy - or ..

By Poul Højlund, February 17, 2006

Credits to David Horsey, Washington, The Seattle Post-Intelligencer for the cartoon.

I know I should go into the copyrighth thing, but no one reads this anyhow. You may quote me unlimited instead. Deal?

Here's how I see it:

Sometimes it looks like something, Saddam Hussein's minister of information, Muhammadd Saeed al-Sahaf, put up:

Why is it that the pictures from Abu Graib - no new ones, just the ordinary old ones - can continue to cause an outrage when every Muslim country has more problems to say the least in their own prisons?

Why have the Hamas-leaders come to be the darlings of the greater parts of the Muslim world, when every one else gets the picture of a bunch of Jihad warriors always ready to sacrifice the innocent to achieve their goals?

Why do some harmless cartoons create riots and uproar when Arab papers print the most insane and anti-Semitic drawings with Israelis as rats and Sharon eating babies?

Why do the OIC countries continue to have their own set of Human Rights (The Cairo-declaration) and on the same time sign up to UN Human Rights without any one protesting? And without due respect to any of the two?

Why was the cartoon depicting a bomb in the turban of Muhammad the most offensive when it is a matter of fact that almost any terror during the last decades was committed in the name of that prophet?

How is it that almost any media comment from the Islamic World,even the brightest ones, contains some sort of balancing terror against freedom, some justifying of the most horrible misdeeds, some eye for eye thing on terrorist versus anything that the unspecified West did to us Muslims?

The answer seems simple and unfortunately the same for all the questions: the double standards of the self declared victim of history: the Islamic World.

It makes the Islamic world look so far away, so hypocritical, so unable to take a binding dialogue, so much willing to take a further step into the wilderness of deceiving one self.

Any idea of how to get forward?, any?

I guess, it must be felt as an insult to read this?

Same old Western picture, same Islamophobia? At least if you belong to my general category The Islam World and you see the double standards daily? You may even
try to fight them by the risk of your life, - something I certainly don't risk.

Maybe it's all true, you think, but grossly unfair because there is so much other in that Islamic world as well? And maybe my words even force you to move further away from me?

Well, that was not the idea.

I admire all you who try to change things, taking all the small and big risks. Must be difficult. I also guess that those keeping you back are your father, your sister, your uncles, your family. And I guess you all more or less agree that the cartoons went far over the edge.

Don't get me wrong: We know we've broken one of your religious taboos. And we mean it when we say that we are truly sorry - for all real pain caused.

Why then print?

We had to print, we defend the printing, and we will continue to brake your taboos, from time to time to prove that the death squads of extreme Islam - yes, they do exist, those who claim the right to kill for the Prophet and in the name of the Prophet, let's not fool ourselves - that they do not rule in this country. Not the slightest little bit.

Can you tell me that we had nothing to fear? Or have nothing to fear? Nothing at all?

We needed to prove to ourselves, that we were in control of this country. Danish law rules Denmark. Not the absolute laws of Islam, - but the democratic ones of our own making.

It had nothing to do with Mohammad, - and it had everything to do with him.

Help us fight those who will kill in the name of a Prophet - instead of condemning us.

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Cartoon - not the cartoons!

Egypt ambassador, Mona Omar, seems to be far more involved in the imam campaign than first realised.

Cartoon from JyllandsPosten today.

In front imam Abu Laban, ambassador Mona Omar ("Together we can profit [in Danish: prophet] from this matter"), and imam Akkari ("Yeah, beat them up"), the later having recieved a verdict for beating up a child while training to become a teacher in Denmark.

The gentlemen seen through the window are former prime minister Poul Nyrup Rasmussen , now chairing the socialist group in the EU paliament, who yesterday attacked present Danish prime for bad handling of the crisis. According to Nyrup, the Arab claim for legislation against defamation of religions should be strongly supported; the other gentlemean former foreign secretary Uffe Elleman, once a stout-hearted defender of freedom for Baltic countries, now only former. He demanded the resignation of editor Carsten Juste. Both have been heavily mocked in Danish media.
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Strong support to Danish government

Together with Danish People’s Party, Danish prime, Anders Fogh Rasmussen, and his party, Venstre¸ gains strong support in the latest poll. Together to two parties would control a record high 48% of all seats in parliament if an election were to be held now.

Danish People’s Party gains eight seats and is up from present 24 to 32 seats in the poll. The party, that is not in government but on a regular basis supports Venstre and Konservative, was the party that a decade ago insisted on limitations on Moslem immigration to Denmark.

The poll also demonstrates a historically unique stronghold for the government. The two parties in government and the People’s party together would win 101 seats against the opposition’s only 71. In the center seeking politics of Denmark these figures are rare.
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Malayisa supports Buy-Danish

Moslem country Malaysia supports Buy-Danish campaign as it places a contract on solar panel plants with the brand new Denmark Solar Industry. The contract is worth some 28 mill. $. According to Berlingske the local press was curious on the company’s position on the M-cartoons.
Curious, that must be the way forward. Curious, what a nice word, pointing towards more knowledge, more interesting news, more interest, less hate.
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Pakistan the new center of rioting

Tensions continue to build up in Pakistan. Yesterday’s demonstration in Karachi counted more than 50.000, and Danish ambassador to Pakistan, Bent Wigotski says to Berlingske: “The demonstrations became more and more violent during last week, and they are mainly aimed at Danes. As a Dane you’re in danger.”
Look to Malaysia, you Pakistanis and learn. Trade and solar energy, - that’s the trick!
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Thursday, February 16, 2006

Democratic Muslims go international

Danish PM Naser Khadar and his new organisation of Democratic Muslims aims high. At an international press conference in the Danish Paliament in Copenhagen today they launched their international ambitions.

- We’re now working to get the network functioning across boarders. Problems with integration and religious differences are not specific Danish. We’ll invite Muslim networks from among others USA, Canada and Australia for our founding assembly, - says Naser Khader according to JyllandsPosten.

The founding assembly, originally planned for April, will now be brought forward, though no date is yet known.

The network was founded only 12 days ago when the network issued the following declaration:

Declaration by the newly founded "Democratic Moslem"-Network, passed on Saturday 4. february 2006, during an assembly held at the Danish parliament, as a response to the drawings of the Prophet Mohammed.

We declare, today, that now is the time for dialogue, rather than
digging trenches. We call on the Moslem countries, the Danish imams and the government to enter into dialogue, to settle this conflict, so that we may again meet on a friendly footing, and ensure that exchange of views and experiences across cultural, religious and geographic boundaries can continue.
As Moslems, we are the proof that Islam and democracy are not incompatible.
It is our hope that our example here in Denmark will make Moslems around the world react and follow our lead. Only by uniting, can we change the fundamentalistic
picture of Islam that the many extremists have drawn with violence.

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Islam Online misinforms on Denmark

Islam Online misinforms on Denmark. Nidal Abu Arif, IOL Correspondent in Copenhagen, on February 14, 2006 states, that 'Islam, however, is not recognized by the state unlike Christianity and Judaism.'

Though not wrong as such, it is definately not the true picture. The truth is as follows:

Until 1970 Denmark by royal resolution 'recognized' 11 religious communities, the Mosaic Community the only non Christian. After 1970 no more royal resolutions have been issued due to legislative and administrative changes. Communities are now ‘sanctioned’ instead as an administrative matter.

Sanctioned communities are exempted from tax and other duties. They carry the right to perform weddings with legal status, the right to set up cemeteries and the right to invite spiritual leaders from outside Denmark to work here. The distinction between sanctioned and recognized bears little if any practical consequence.

Among the recognized communities since 1970 are Islam, Hinduism, The Coptic Church, The Mormons and several others.
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Is this the cultural clash?

By Poul Højlund, February 16, 2006.

Well, if not, then what?

Of course it creates trouble when you try to mix people of different belief, language, tradition and educational level. Good will on its own simply isn’t sufficient, and when good will partly is absent, it’s doomed to fail.

However, we actually made it a success. Despite all problems it seems that Denmark today has a vast majority of well integrated people of Moslem origin, and that in parallel the vast majority have absolutely no problem with working or living next to each other, Moslem or Lutheran or nothing at all.

So what is the problem? Who called for the cultural clash?

In the cartoon war it has become clear that the influence of old fashioned, medieval Islam from the Arab countries is the problem. Imams from Denmark travelled back to the sources of Islam and found them. They made the conflict, not the Moslems in Denmark.

So what is my point? That traditional Islam as preached in the Arab countries cannot function in a democratic country. Traditional Islam is the opposite of a modern western democracy as it claims to be the complete system, not only a religion.

Moslems living in democratic western countries have taken their time to face this fact. Of course they have; the cultural clash is in their heart and head, and they face difficulties no matter what their choice is.

Islam needs a reformation like the one Luther and Calvin threw upon the then Catholic church. That fact is indisputable. Whether it is going to be the same bloody story once again, I don’t know, but giving in to Islamist's claims for control in Europe will not help that much wanted reformation.
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Immigration to Denmark doubles that of US

Immigration to Denmark last year made a record high of 39.729 newcomers compared to a total population of 5.387.174 (2003). Immigration in 2004 accounts for 0,7 percent of the total population, according to the latest statistics published today in the papers.

Compared to the United States where the legal immigration in 2004 totalled to 946.142, this number accounts for only 0,3 percent of a total population of 281 million (2000 census).

The total number of Moslems in Denmark is believed to be between 180.000 and 250.000, the exact number unknown as it is strictly illegal to register people by religion. The Moslem part of the population thus raised from around 0 percent in the beginning of 1970 to around 4,0 percent of the total population in 35 years.

The total number of Moslems in the United States is estimated to six to eight millions, raising from only around 100.000 in the sixties. The Moslem part of the US population thus comes to 2,5 percent compared to the Danish 4,0 percent.

The raise of the Moslem part of the total population in Denmark is far bigger than the one registered in the United States.

Sources: Official Statistics from Denmark, USA: www.census.gov, www.limitstogrowth.org
Please note that Wikipedia has other figures , for Denmark it estimates the Moslem part of the population from 2,0 to 5,0 percent. http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Islam_by_country
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False information on Denmark in New York radio and NYT

It’s hard to believe but even in the USA lies start spreading on Denmark. Some professor Mahmood Mamdani at University of Columbia in New York now claims that Moslems in Denmark are not allowed to build their own mosque and that they cannot be buried.
The allegations were not the professor’s own invention; he used a letter to New York Times from correspondent Martin Burcharth of the small leftwing paper Information. Mr. Burcharth now admits that he was wrong but he ‘regrets nothing’ as he claims that his point of view is important to enable the Americans to draw the right conclusions on the cartoons.

Let me, your blogger, add this: The paper Information is at the very centre of the left radicals trying to depict Denmark as a nazi-country, suffering from Islam phobia and denying Moslems there rights.

Truth is that more than a dozen of Moslem religious communities have been officially endorsed in Denmark, and that cemeteries especially in the big cities have departments for Moslems. Truth is also that Moslem communities so far have been unable to agree on a common mosque, resulting in several mosques in all major cities.

German Die Zeit-correspondent Kleine-Brockhoff who on New Yorks National Public Radio debated with professor Mamdini clearly rejected the negative picture of Denmark. He pointed out that the country is known for its well established democracy and the overall respect for human rights.

'In fact it is this respect for people and people with a different thinking that made so many Moslems choose Denmark', the correspondent pointed out to professor Mamdini, who remained silent.

Source: JyllandsPosten today

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Imam group lies on drawings and support

The group of imams from Denmark that caused the cartoon war travelling the Arab countries with a 43 page document deliberately falsified their documentation.
According to an article in JyllandsPosten today the 12 original cartoon was mixed with the now famous French pig festival picture and other pictures in a way deliberately intentioned to bear false evidence. The imams so far claimed that the 12 cartoons were clearly separated from other pictures and material. That claim now proves to be false.

Well known Danish researcher Helle Lykke Nielsen from University of South Denmark had access to the 43 page document and states, that no separation was clear. ‘It’s hard to read the document in a way where the extra pictures were not among the published ones’, she said and added, ‘ Their own pictures undoubtedly has caused parts of the uproar’.

The 43 pages also demonstrates a mess on how many Moslem organisations were behind the action. Danish daily Ekstra Bladet earlier documented that only around 1000 Moslems were behind the imams and not the more than 200.000 that they claimed.

Spokesman for the imams, Mr. Akkari who was sentenced for violence against an 11 years old boy during his training to become a teacher, said: ‘No comments’.
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Wednesday, February 15, 2006

More Egypt papers try to print cartoons

It seems that even censorship doesn't help controlling the rebellious papers, take a look ...

Freedom for Egyptians
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Bad News from Jeddah

I don't know what Mr. Solana is doing. Hopefully he didn't do anything, and hopefully we didn't loose our free speech yesterday in Jedda.

The following is a quote from the Statement of the OIC ambassadorial level extraordinary plenary meeting held in Jeddah, today:

The Member States unanimously approved the five points presented by the OIC Secretary General to Mr. Solana, as a way to diffuse the crisis, and prevent the recurrence of similar crisis in the future, and which call for:

i. the adoption by the EU of necessary legislative measures through the European Parliament against Islamophobia;

ii. making joint efforts by the EU and the OIC to adopt UN Resolution on the lines of existing UN Resolution 60/150 (Combating defamation of religions) which should prohibit defamation of all Prophets and faiths;

iii. the adoption of a code of ethics for the European media;

iv. the adoption of an International Communication Media Order by the United Nations which should cover a definition of freedom of speech in case of religious symbols;

v. the inclusion of an operative paragraph prohibiting blasphemy, defamation of religions and incitement to hatred in the text of Human Rights Council resolution presently being negotiated.

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The Master Plan

By Poul Højlund, February 15, 2006.

It’s only just begun. There seems to be a master plan behind the cartoon war. We’ve all turned into manipulated puppets in the hands of more clever people.

The Organisation of Islamic Conferences, OIC, at their December meeting arranged to use the reorganisation of UN’s corrupted Committee on Human Rights to demand legislation against defamation of religions added to the human right charter. Quote from the meeting's communiqué:

The Conference underlined the need to collectively endeavor to reflect the noble Islamic values, counter Islamophobia, defamation of Islam and its values and desecration of Islamic holy sites, and to effectively coordinate with States as well as regional and international institutions and organizations to urge them to criminalize this phenomenon as a form of racism.

Mr. Erdogan, Turkey, immediately and without any European outcry demanded restrictions of free speech in Europe. The European reactions did not make it crystal clear that he at the same time shut the door for Turkey’s membership. Will that become clear later on?

Mr. Solana of the EU is presently travelling the Arab countries, bending his knee and expressing his ‘unreserved respect’ to Islam, while he remains silent on the Islamic demand for legislative respect to the OIC religious commonwealth and all of its monstrosities. Quote from EITB24:

The European Union and a major grouping of Islamic countries would back United Nations action to stop "defamation of religion" after cartoons of the Prophet Mohammad provoked violent protests worldwideThe Organisation of the Islamic Conference (OIC) is lobbying for the United Nations to include language against blasphemy in the tenets of a new human rights body and EU foreign policy chief Javier Solana said he supported the idea. "We agreed to take different measures including at the level of the United Nations to guarantee these acts will not be repeated," OIC Ekmelettin Ihsanoglu Secretary General said in Jeddah. The head of the 57-nation body was speaking at a press conference with Solana, who arrived overnight in the birthplace of Islam at the start of a Middle East tour to try and calm the furore over caricatures. "We have been talking today on how we can send a message to the people in both communities, the Islamic and European, that we need this not to happen again ... We strongly hope that people will be now sensible to understand that," Solana said...

Mr. soft spoken Annan already endorsed the proposal, at the same time condemning the cartoons still more intensely, here first condemnations quoted from Voice of America:
"It is insensitive, it is offensive, it is provocative, and they should see what has happened around the world."
Speaking to reporters Thursday, Mr. Annan stressed that he does not oppose freedom of speech or expression. But he described the cartoons as inflammatory. "Freedom of speech is not a license. It does entail exercising responsibility and judgment, and quite honestly I cannot understand why any editor will publish cartoons at this time which inflame, and pour oil on the fire," he said.

And Arab News has the UN endorsement and the collective appeasement chorus of Mess. Annan, Solana og OIC Secretary-General Ekmeleddin Ihsanoglu :

“We understand the deep hurt and widespread indignation felt in the Muslim world,” the joint statement said, adding that the freedom of the press, which entails responsibility and discretion, should respect the beliefs and tenets of all religions.
The UN General Assembly had adopted on Dec. 16, 2005, a strong resolution on defamation of religions. “This joint statement and the UN resolution provide the legal ground for condemnation of acts of European newspapers,” the OIC said.

In the same excellent paper a story on EU commissionaire Frattini’s suggestion on restrictions on free speech, and Mr. Annan’s still more dubious role as appeaser-in-chief:
“UN Secretary-General Kofi Annan scolded the media for continuing to publish cartoons mocking the Prophet and defended an attempt by Islamic countries to have a new UN human-rights council address religious defamation.
Annan also said he had no knowledge about US Secretary of State Condoleezza Rice’s assertion on Wednesday that Iran and Syria had gone out of their way “to inflame sentiments and to use this to their own purposes.” “I have no evidence to that effect,” Annan told reporters after arriving at UN headquarters. “This is so widespread, and it is unfortunate (and) we all need to take steps to calm the situation.”
“Honestly, I do not understand why any newspaper will publish the cartoons today,” Annan said. “It is insensitive. It is offensive. It is provocative and you see what has happened around the world,” Annan added.”

Normally I’m an optimist, super optimist even. But not this time!

For Danish readers: Jeg har adskillige gange taget afstand fra generaliseringer og diskrimination, for eksempel her, men også forlangt reformation af Islam, for eksempel her.
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What is in the Islamic pipeline?

By Poul Højlund, February 11, 2006

It certainly isn’t crude oil all of it.
At the OIC extraordinary meeting in December the issue of international legislation against offences to religions (i.e. Islam, as that is the only religion that can be offended) resulted in a proposal to the UN to ban all insults against religion. Disguised as respect and tolerance it has received the endorsement of Mr. Annan in combination with his still stronger condemnation of the cartoons and the papers that continue to reprint. Beware of the consequences of offending the Muslim masses, he warns.

Last Friday night’s defence for the Prophet in Morocco, the 100.000 protesters peacefully demanding tolerance, certainly must be the very voice of Islam the religion of Peace, yet at the same time they managed univocally to demand that freedom of speech must never be used to insult the Prophet – exactly as proposed by the OIC meeting only to months earlier. What a coincidence, and what brilliant sensitivity for the vox populi from the OIC dictators, simply anticipating at their December gathering what would be the demands of all the protesters and rioters in the streets today.

Of course it’s all a set up. Everything is shrewdly planned, not in detail, but wars are never planned that way, since plans have the bad habit of breaking down with the battle unfolding. Inferior Danish imams travelled the Middle East in January, and got immediate access to the political and religious leaders at senior top executive level. The imams served on a silver plate that most delicious dish of them all: a genuine insult of the Prophet, a picture of the most holy, a taboo broken down for the first time in history - though the Prophet had been pictured again and again in the Islamic culture and though the drawings had all ready been printed in Egypt on October 17. - without any reaction at all.

But the drawings, whom apparently no one doubts is the accurate image of the Prophet and not just some drawings on paper, came from an odd little kingdom in the most northern part of the barbarian world of non-Muslims. So here was the case to restore the ummah as promised in December at the OIC summit. Denmark was an easy target, and it proved to be so, abandoned by our great allies in their condemnation of our bad taste. Our friends were to be found in old soft Europe, not in the land of the free.

Turn on the people, start rioting, burn that 800 years old Dannebrog with it’s white Christian cross against the red cloth, execute those images of prime Anders Fogh Rasmussen, burn down Danish diplomatic representations and embassies. Forget every day’s life in poverty and misery, forget the humiliations imposed on you by your dictators and the laws of Sharia, do not discuss if the cartoon with the bomb had anything to do with today’s reality, but never forget to defend the very Prophet in who’s name laws are created that stop development, prosperity and the liberation of women in the better part of the Islamic world.

Denmark is the victim of a brand new sort of terror, the soft terror, planned by the highest priests but carried out as the will of the Muslim people, - because their pride is hurt. Who’s pride? The intentions are to unfold Islamic laws in European countries through words like respect and tolerance. We take the direct hits, but you will all end up having lost your everyday rights. In Sweden, an internet provider after advice from special police Säpo and officials from Foreign Office closed down a site that dared reprint the cartoons. End of offensive drawings, end of offensive speech, end of offensive writing. It will come to all of us unless we start using that free same speech as our weapon.

Free speech is the most vulnerable plant on our planet. It dies so easily, and it is so hard to make resurrect. When the OIC limitations on free speech have been added to the UN human rights charter, this text can no longer be written or read. No editor will print it; no internet provider will host it. It will be strictly illegal, condemned for offending religious feelings by the same UN that was created to protect the free world and the free speech.

That is what is in the Islamic pipeline. It isn’t oil, and it is rude.

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Welcome to new readers

Pia Causa is Latin and means something like pious purpose.

My purpose? Simply to support free speech by my words. Free speech is the single first condition, it's the sine qua non of all the rest.

Free speech is a most powerful weapon, - and it does hurt as it operates, eliminating all false authorities and diminishing the genuine authorities to more humanlike size.

I’m not part of any organisation, and I am not paid for by anyone. I speak freely and only on behalf of me, - regardless and under all circumstances.

So welcome, enjoy, and help to protect free speech.

Wonder why the url has Pia Gratia and not Pia Causa? Well, my mistake and I'm trying to figure out how to change my url without having to start all over again. I once had a ship called Bona Gratia, guess I got it mixed up with Pia Causa...

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The incomprehensible simplicity of free speech

by Poul Højlund, published in JyllandsPosten, February 14, 2006

Free speech has no added ‘but…’. It simply isn’t there. Try find it your self. ...

You might as well fight from the first ditch as the last, Mark Stein commented, and he is right. But bending the knee has begun. Mr. Solana travels the Arab world with his ‘unreserved respect’ to Islam; Mr. Annan speaks not so softly us usual on the outrageous drawings and on respect and dialogue; US and UK restrict them selves to the formal, to condemn the burning of embassies.

It should have been the other way round. EU should excuse to Denmark for not supporting our prime minister steadfastly, for not defending the obvious right of the JyllandsPosten to make a joke of the Islamic prohibitions, for not taking immediate legal steps against the regimes supporting the boycott of Danish products.

I think we better get used to standing alone. Maybe a few countries will support us officially, but the vast majority have chosen the political correctness, the empty respect and the unbearable tolerance to the insane intolerance of the Islamic reactions.

Our constitution, Grundloven, literally the founding law, apparently has no validity to EU and UN, or to be more precise: other considerations carry more weight. Grundloven on the other hand is as clear as a bell: free speech is unlimited – subject to the authority of the courts. What exactly does this mean? That everybody may speak, draw, write, sing and express exactly what suits them, - and that anybody else feeling offended, affronted, outraged, hurt and betrayed subsequently can take the matter to the courts.

It’s so simple, that it’s incomprehensible how any doubt or any ‘but…’ ever is spoken. Free speech has no added ‘but…’. It simply isn’t there. Try find it your self. On the contrary, Grundloven emphasises as an extra guarantee that censorship and other preventive measures can never be reintroduced, not even by EU or UN.

Let me quote the imperishable words again from article 77, we cannot read them too often: “Anyone is entitled to publish his ideas in print, in writing and in speech, subject to the authority of the Courts. Censorship and other preventive measures may never be reintroduced.”

But then, should one not use free speech with consideration, as is now widely claimed? Who’s consideration, I ask, yours or mine? It is logically impossible to demand free speech used with a common consideration, - again clear as a bell, - and equally clear that anyone of course use it with consideration, i.e. that of your own.

But are we then to toss around and hurt one another by our best means? And again the answer is simple: Yes, if that is your need, and if you are ready to face the following responsibility in front of a Danish court. We have laws against defamation, against blasphemy, against racism, against violation of the constitution and treason, against all which we will not tolerate. But all of it is a following responsibility, not a preventive censorship.

Anyone is free to speak and anyone is equally obliged to face responsibility in front of a Danish court, not in front of the mob rule of the streets, not in front of insane Islamists, and not in front of the UN-diplomats and EU-employees of the high alter of political correctness. It’s that simple. To some, obviously incomprehensible simple.

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